Via Gueglia, 8 - 23854 OLGINATE - (LC), Italia
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The vigorous use of color by Adelio Bonacina

Adelio Bonacina has a great professional career behind him, which, starting with the drawing then moved on to oil colors and later to acrylics and mixed techniques. He first attended the art school in Merate, and then, cultivating with great care what was previously only a hobby, he managed to turn it into an occupation. The subjects of his paintings, in very sunny, warm and vivid colors, such as shades of yellow and orange, are mostly landscapes. The paintings by Bonacina propose an interesting painting that invites a personal, almost sentimental interpretation, without a doubt poetic: characteristics that Adelio Bonacina lives in his works “almost as a challenge to something interior that not even the painter knows”; “It is easy for him – still taking cue from a criticism dedicated to him – to move from a complex thin but polychrome color mix to a sort of exciting gestural research, offset by great sentiment and poetry”. It proposes works made of acrylic and a series of paintings made on ancient manuscript documents, musical scores and nautical charts.

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Adelio Bonacina is an artist of notable pictorial talent, of sure expressive capacity and of great emotional impact, an artist who makes of the technical-formal experimentation and of the substantial research a pillar of his own creative activity, thus achieving goals of high and undisputed value in the arduous and fascinating field of art.


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Open for new collaborationsOpen for new collaborations

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Ragazza sognante

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Tecnica mista su tela, f,to 70×40
Anno 1999


Opera anno 2017
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Acrilico su tela, 84×94

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Enrico Spinolo

“Il colore ti avvolge, ti coinvolge; a faticale tele trattengono le onde delle marine, la corsa dei papaveri, la fuga delle spighe di frumento”

Aristide Angelo Milani

“Raggiungere questi risultati non è da tutti: Adelio Bonacina appartiene alla schiera degli autori scelti”

Ivano Don, Ufficio Artistico MisterArte

“Paesaggista puro Adelio Bonacina trasmette con la sua pittura la sensazione di materia del paesaggio…”

“Paesaggista puro Adelio Bonacina trasmette con la sua pittura la sensazione di materia del paesaggio; la grumosità delle sue pennellate, la ruvidità dei suoi tratti offrono a chi contempla l’opera la percezione tredimensionale di quanto dipinto.”

Ivan Don, Ufficio Artistico MisterArte

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Located in the immediate vicinity of the lakefront of Olginate, in the ancient area of Gueglia, which is an ancient tower erected in memory of the plague, the studio is open, by previous appointment, to visitors.

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