Via Gueglia, 8 - 23854 OLGINATE - (LC), Italia
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"A life for Art"

“While visiting the study of A. Bonacina we realize that the choice of themes, the translation of the same in time and space is expressed in a new and essential way, so personal because in each of his works you always find the imprint and the incomparable touch of a hand happily inspired …”

Aristide Angelo Milani

Bonacina identifies the area for his own home-studio in a small lot surrounded by the greenery of an eighteenth-century park in full light, without cars, where you can also converse from afar and from which you have a striking image of Lake Olginate. The studio is in the immediate vicinity of the lakefront, in the ancient area of Gueglia, an ancient tower erected in memory of the plague.

Defined “ the lido” by the inhabitants of Olginate, the Gueglia and the lakefront offer visitors a quiet walk because the terrain  is all flat. The lake is very romantic and its shore can also be used for a nice bike ride or you can decide to stop on the various benches to enjoy the scenery.

Observing his study, the attention falls on the panoramic view that inspires the artist to create his landscapes, so vividly intense and transported on the canvas through the subtle and modulated fantasy of color. His works totally involve the viewer.


With the visit to the studio of Adelio Bonacina you can take the opportunity to admire the lakefront of Olginate. While walking you find yourself surrounded by beautiful and famous mountain ranges: Mount Resegone,  San Martino Valley, Monte di Brianza, Mount Crocione and Mount Barro … and just this in itself would be enough to justify the walk. Those who like walking, along the way, can meet the famous complex of the Monastery of Lavello in Calolziocorte and the necropolis of Capiate; it is common to find beautiful rest areas equipped with games for children and for picnics. From the nearby Vercurago it is also possible to easily reach the interesting and scenographic religious complex of Somasca, linked to the figure of Saint Girolamo Emiliani and to the famous miraculous source;  the remains of the “Castello dell’Innominato” -quoted by  Manzoni in his novel- dominates the village from above..

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The study is open, by previous appointment, to visitors.